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Lecture 8: Physical Security Techniques

Lecture 8: Physical Security Techniques
Deviant Survival Guide
Copyright 2006 by drewkitty

Physical security is a standard. There are several excellent public-domain guides on it. The best is probably FM 3-19.30 which can be accessed at the following URL:

Physical security is intended to accomplish three objectives:

1) deter
2) detect
3) delay

Deter: cause people with ill intent to give up the idea as a bad one.

Detect: serve as a tripwire to alert you and yours to a problem

Delay: to buy time to throw on a robe, call 911 and get out the shotgun. Or lock yourself in the safe room and work on your mad prayer skillz.

I will add a fourth near and dear to the hearts of deviants.

4) document

Document: to provide proof of the unlawful acts of opponents and/or law enforcement agents, in such a way that it cannot be easily lost or destroyed or devolve into a "disgusting pervert said vs. fine upstanding young officers of the law said."

On the other side of the fence, so to speak I gaaked this from a raver Web site. Anyone want to see it fleshed out? Warning: I'm down for some of this stuff, but other parts are so illegal it's scary. In California it's a felony to direct a laser at an aircraft, for starters.

"Public Safety for Rave Organizers" [coming to a rave near you]

"It sounds to me like a lot of good ideas are coming up here that could help prevent or at least hinder future State-Sponsored Domestic Terrorism. It seems to me like a seminar is in order to include:

Surveillance Technology

  • Hand-Held Video: Protection and Caching
  • Cheap Disposables: Party favors that can protect you
  • Cell-Phone Cameras: Snap and Mail before they beat you down
  • Web-Cams: Live feed and uplink; concealment
  • Early Warning Systems

Ground Force:

  • Pinkertons: The benefits of armed private security
  • Arresting the Arrestor: Legal issues
  • Aircraft Denial: Land modification to prevent helicopter landing
  • Electric Fences: You've got the voltage!
  • Dogs: Use and Defense
  • Tear Gas: Lessons from anarchist street ninjas on how to survive a tear gas attack relatively unharmed

Leverage of Existing Technology:

  • PA control: How to harden remote feed
  • Light Shows as Anti-Aircraft Devices
  • Directed Volume as a Defensive System
  • Laser Deployment
  • Ultra-Sonic Feedback as Canine Deterrent
  • Hidden Powers of Foam

Legal Issues:

  • Dotting your Is, Crossing your Ts
  • Lawyer Presence: Pros and Cons
  • Posse Comitatus and Justifiable Force

I'm not fleshing these out for two reasons.

1) Dual use. A lot of this is as useful to serious bad guys as to the lighthearted deviant. The life of the SWAT team is hard enough without this kind of stuff floating around, in the kind of detail that makes wannabes into players.

2) Do your own homework, if you really need the stuff. But don't expect me to join you in court, either as an expert witness or as an accessory.

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