Sunday, December 24, 2006

Interlude - A Quick Political Quiz

Interlude - A Quick Political Quiz
Deviant Survival Guide
Copyright 2006 by drewkitty

I'm too paranoid to take the deviant personality quiz. So I took it anyway. It said I was paranoid! They really _are_ out to get me . . . aren't they.

Then I took the intelligence quiz. It said I only had an IQ below 150. It offered me the chance to find out my real IQ for only $14.95. But I passed this IQ test. I _didn't_ send them any money. Ha!

Everyone take this short and simple quiz. Warning. It's political.

1) Do you have a pulse? Y/N

2) If N, is this because you are dead? Undead? Goth? D/U/G?

2A) Regardless of your answer, go bury yourself.

3) If Y, did you vote for a Republican in the last election?

3A) If N, thank you! Even if you didn't vote at all.

3B) If Y, do you make more than $150,000 per year?

3B1) If Y, give me some!

3B2) If N, what were you thinking? D'oh!

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