Sunday, December 24, 2006

Interlude: Charlie Tango

Interlude: Charlie Tango
Deviant Survival Guide
Copyright 2006 by drewkitty

Every now and again, I find something online that should be part of the Deviant Survival Guide.
This is the most important link I will give out all year. Go read this. This nine screenfuls will, if considered, immediately raise your social IQ by ten to thirty points.

"Conversational Terrorism"

"... The intent of detailing and naming these insidious tactics is so that the reader may AVOID USING THEM, to quickly recognize if someone else is using them, and for fun. There is much humor in the way people (consciously or unconsciously) conversationally cheat. It is hoped that exposing these tactics will help muzzle the growing abuse in our conversational landscape . . .
They have been grouped by major category, with the best (worst!) saved for last.

"First, we have the Ad Hominem Variants where you attack the person as a way to avoid truth, science, or logic which might otherwise prove you wrong.

"Next are the Sleight of Mind Fallacies, which act as "mental magic" to make sure the unwanted subject disappears.

"Then, we move on to Delay Tactics, which are subtle means to buy time when put on the spot.

"Then, the ever popular Question as Opportunity ploys, where any question can be deftly averted.

"Finally, we have the Cheap Shot Tactics and Irritants, which are basically 'below the belt' punches."

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