Sunday, December 24, 2006

Deviant Survival Guide: Syllabus

Deviant Survival Guide
Copyright 2006 by drewkitty

[Author's Comments: the class format was intended to help get people's attention. This is not an actual class. Just about the only restriction I put on this material is that it not be used to teach an actual college class. If someone does, I will point out his academic dishonesty at a high enough level to make him at least as unemployable in academia as I am.]

This is a ten week course consisting of ten written lectures delivered via LJ with brief homework (mostly Web links), a midterm project and a final exam.

I am free to offer this course as I am no longer affiliated with any particular state university system.

No credits or units are awarded, although if you really want a certificate, I will issue you one, under the authority vested in me by the Universal Life Church of America. It is worth the paper you print it out on.

Lecture 1: Definitions of Deviance
Lecture 2: Societal Reactions to Deviants
Lecture 3: Agents of Social Control: Introduction
Lecture 4: Police and Public Control ("Men In Blue")
Lecture 5: Management, Security, ChexSystems and Other Private Controls
Lecture 6: The Private Sphere (or Your Home Is Not Your Castle)
MIDTERM Project: "The Inverted Pyramid, Point Down On Your Head"
Lecture 7: Information Defense Techniques (OpSec and InfoSec)
Lecture 8: Physical Security Techniques
Lecture 9: Personal Security and Defense
Lecture 10: Discretion vs. Recruitment, Summary and Conclusions
Final Exam: "Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance"

I will post weekly on Thursdays. The course will be more or less detailed based on people's expressed interest.

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