Thursday, May 31, 2007

current status

For the moment I'm going to do most of my public posts on blogger, mostly because I'm peeved at LJ. Friends posts will still be on LJ, but this whole thing motivates me to want to set up my own discussion wiki and/or learn how to use aggregators. Any suggestions?

I can't talk about work, except that we are reaching a decision point after which I will either be far busier, or unemployed. Remains to be seen.

My other major project requires some wiki-support as well. Due to the LJ issue, I need third party hosting for it. It will need to be password protected. Any suggestions?

*hugs* to all. I hope to catch up on sleep this weekend.


taral said...

Busier? Are you *mad*?

I use Google Reader to track blogs like this, but I like the integration of comments and notifications that LJ has. For example, if you reply to this, I won't know unless I check for it.

I was fully expecting something like this. Cruft, inefficiency, and incompetence build in organizations until something goes wrong. :) Then someone does a cleaning job and everything is better until next time.

I'd run my own blog if I could get the comment notification stuff working.

drewkitty said...

I'm not mad. Work might be. Outcome is that I will be a little busier, but not for long, and my work life will improve. Dramatically.