Saturday, January 6, 2007

fish sauce, cheap pawns and why "jihadis are good for your children"

The academics have been warning about the threat of Muslim extremism since at least the 1970s. The destruction of the towers was not only the second attack on the towers but also the second Al Queda plot involving hijacked aircraft! So 9/11 was a wakeup call only to those who didn't know.

I believe that The Powers That Be are setting the Islamic jihadis up as the next "Great Enemy" and that in fact, to make it a worthy struggle, we are quietly pumping them up behind the scenes and doing all sorts of things that only boost their numbers, their finances, their arsenal (an enormous chunk of which is being sold to them by the USA and Europe!!!) . . . and certainly causing our allies to desert us in greater numbers. Iraq has certainly worked well for this purpose.

It's a race between the cultural assimilation of the radical Muslim (the positive factor that will end the War of Terror) and the use of terror by fanatics on both sides to enrage and blind the West as well as the East. Gitmo and Abu Ghraib (and by extension, most of what we've actually done in Iraq, if not the invasion itself) are stupid moves . . . unless, of course, you're recruiting for Al Queda. Failing to clean up Afghanistan and Pakistan . . . goes beyond tragic. Always remember that Pakistan is a nuclear armed power!

Iran can see the writing on the wall, and while they don't particularly want to be cast as the Great Enemy, they certainly don't want to go down without a fight the way Iraq did. Ironically, with a little quiet effort in supporting Iranian opposition parties, we could actually have a counter-revolution in Iran. The fact that we're not trying this seems proof to me that we don't want a weak Iran, rather the opposite.

I think a lot of American soldiers are beginning to realize that they are being used up like cheap pawns in a war we don't really want to win. (Sound familiar . . . is that black pyjamas and tire sandals and fish sauce I smell?) Unfortunately, many of them are being encouraged to blame "leftist" Americans instead of the neocons who are doing it to them.

We are about to live in Interesting Times.


zakueins said...

Iran is going to be fun, for the simplest of all reasons-the oil manufacturing facilities there are starting to fail, badly. In a few years, a lot of the experts in the oil buisness are saying that Iran will become a oil importer, not an oil exporter. And, nobody wants to go there-because they fear that some iman will get a wild hair up his ass and "nationalize" the oil industries.

If there is a reason for having nukes, other than the return of the Tenth Iman and the start of the next big Jew-burning since the '40s, it's that if Iran has nukes, it can...encourage people to provide it with help in rebuilding it's oil facilities.

The RIFs hate America for the simplest of reasons-we exist as everything they hate, and we're happy.

You want a "Great Enemy"? China is seriously looking to make it's play as the new regional power in Asia in 5-10 years. THAT is a threat.

drewkitty said...

The big issue on the oil front is that Iran is now able to sell a chunk of its oil out of the north using pipelines to bypass the Persian Gulf . . . and the nuclear power facilities in the south offset enough would-be domestic oil use to serve as a "virtual pipeline."

You're right about the refinery aging except that they can buy help from the Russians, cheap. (It's in Russian national defense, I mean energy, policy to create European dependencies on pipelines that go through Russian controlled zones.)

Don't get me started about China. The smart money says nuclear war between Paki and India with China mounting a multinational rescue operation which is neither multinational nor a rescue, somehow ending up running both new Chinese provinces.

And China knows how to keep its restive Muslim minority under control.